The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will feature new modes of transportation

The next installment of “The Witcher” franchise is coming to Xbox One, PlayStaion 4 and PC with some new toys. Fans of the series will remember that previously protagonist Geralt of Rivia could only traverse the lands on foot. Fast travel really helped for those long treks across the open maps in “The Witcher.” “The Witcher […]

Hands on “Injustice: Gods Among Us”

Soloman Grundy was born on a Monday, smashed Flash on a Tuesday… After playing more than seven rounds of “Injustice: Gods Among Us” at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo, and sneaking in a few more after that (much to the booth staff’s displeasure), I am actually impressed and excited for this game. I was skeptical […]

Hands on “Dishonored”

Bang bang slice! After one and a half hours in line, I finally got to play it. Worth it? Yes. Was it everything I hoped? Probably not. Bethesda’s “Dishonored” is a fascinating game with beautiful set pieces, stunning graphics and interesting game mechanics that will have you wanting more and more. Unfortunately, it is a […]

Rely on your squad

It’s tough being a squad leader, isn’t it? What with having to make sure your team doesn’t suffer critical damage, ordering them around and fighting enemies things tend to get a little hairy. What doesn’t help is if your squad is as dumb as a sack of Deku nuts. Squad-based gameplay has taken some leaps […]

“Star Wars: The Old Republic” goes free-to-play

Well, it’s official. The LucasArts massively-multiplayer online giant “Star Wars: The Old Republic” is now making its way to the consumer friendly model of free-to-play. Is this a surprise? Yes and no. Partly because of the interview that the Vault did this past San Diego Comic Con with someone very in the loop about the […]

Who’s Watching the “Watch Dogs”? We are.

Want information about “WatchDogs?” Get in line. Ubisoft is being as tight-lipped and shady about their new title as their protagonist Aiden Pearce. Looking like a modern version of comic-book characters The Question or Rorschach, Pearce seems to be a surveillance and technology nut. Motives? Unknown. Objective? Unknown. What everyone does know is what Mr. […]