“Super Time Force” review

Shoot’em ups are always fun diversions from the daily grind of overly-complicated, story-driven triple-A titles that fill the market. Sometimes, a side-scroller with a quirky hook and some fun level design is all one needs to pass a couple of hours. The only problem with “Super Time Force” on Xbox One being that diversion, is […]

“Transistor” review

It’s been a long time since Supergiant Games has graced us with a game. In that time “Bastion” has risen from cult status to indie gaming royalty among other titles like “Fez” and “Braid.” People waited patiently for the new title, “Transistor,” and that patience paid off. What the public received was a game reminiscent […]

“Legend of Grimrock” review

Developer Almost Human has captured the very essence of what computer gaming was before things got all fancy and complicated. “Legend of Grimrock” is a true dungeon crawler in the most basic sense of the word.What’s so great about it is that it does that perfectly. From the first-person perspective to the head-scratching puzzles, this […]