“Pillars of Eternity” review

  Obsidian Entertainment’s “Pillars of Eternity,” funded by the donations of those on Kickstarter, has finally arrived. First things first though. “Pillars” is an old school RPG. For those not sure what that means, let me elaborate. This game operates off of some pretty strict rules as well as some that are very similar to […]

Dissecting “Broken Age”

“Broken Age” is an incredible game. As a fan of the point-and-click game, I’ve played my fair share (though not as many or nearly as varied as others in my experience), and with these experiences in mind I was ready to tear this game apart technically and aesthetically.While the game has standard controls, clicking to […]

Industry Profile: CEO Brian Fargo on “Wasteland 2” and Kickstarter

Kickstarter’s popularity since the recent gaming boom has become a topic for a lot of media outlets. It hasn’t died out yet and, presumably, won’t die out until some large budget project flops horribly, effectively pushing the entire situation to the back of everyone’s mind. Of course the flip side is that this might actually […]