“Company of Heroes 2” review

 Yeesh, I’m shivering just looking at this picture. There’s a reason Napoleon and Hitler never won in Russia. The steadfast determination of the native inhabitants would stop any invading army in a heartbeat. But that’s not why two of the greatest conquerors in history turned tail. It was the weather. Good ol’ General Winter. […]

Valve uses Steam to show players Big Picture

Valve, the creators of the “Half-Life” and “Portal” series, recently released a new view mode for their digital distribution application, Steam, called Big Picture which allows the interface to be displayed on larger screens like those normally found in living rooms. It wasn’t impossible to hook up a PC or Mac to your big-screen TV […]

NVIDIA GeForce GRID moves the console out of your home

Every company seems to be breaking in to the cloud-gaming market with a different strategy. NVIDIA is doing this by taking the console hardware out of the picture completely with its GeForce GRID technology. GeForce GRID is essentially the idea of moving your graphics card to a server farm and sending those images back to […]