“Child of Light” review

While many games for under $30 can’t boast such beauty and complexity as “Child of Light,” Ubisoft’s latest creation has seemingly captured fans and critics alike with its combat system and picturesque visuals.Our young heroine, Aurora, is trapped in a strange new world after falling into some sort of coma or death-like sleep in the […]

2013 Game of the Year Picks

2013 is officially over, and that means it’s time for every video-game media outlet to choose their Game of the Year. We at GCV decided that since we all have such differing tastes in games, we would all just choose our own individual games of the year. So, read further to find out what each […]

“Rayman: Legends” review

Rayman may not be the most well known mascot of a bygone gaming era where it seemed each company had one, but he’s certainly stuck around. While sticking around apparently means sitting in the background while the Rabbids take over his franchise name, getting their own games and an an upcoming TV show, the little […]