2013 Game of the Year Picks

2013 is officially over, and that means it’s time for every video-game media outlet to choose their Game of the Year. We at GCV decided that since we all have such differing tastes in games, we would all just choose our own individual games of the year. So, read further to find out what each […]

This week in gaming

Play “Super Mario 3D World” while you wait for a plane Nintendo kicked off it’s partnership with Southwest Airlines this week by giving every passenger on flight 1889 from New Orleans to Dallas a free Wii U console, according to Nintendo Enthusiast.More than 100 passengers received certificate for Nintendo’s next-gen console, and Southwest is giving […]

This week in gaming

Returning Smash Bros. Marth, from the popular “Fire Emblem” series, is the latest character to be revealed as part of the roster for the upcoming “Super Smash Bros.” for Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS consoles. He joins other returning favorites like Toon Link, Mario and Fox as well as some newcomers including Captain Olimar from […]

“Grand Theft Auto V” review

“Grand Theft Auto V” has already been heralded as quite possibly the best game ever created. When looking at it and playing it, it’s actually hard to refute that point.Needless to say, this review won’t deal with the social aspects of the game, which have caused much controversy and discussion all across the gaming industry […]

This week in gaming

So much more than stealing cars “Grand Theft Auto V” was released in the United States on Tuesday. According to publisher Take-Two, the game made $800 million dollars within 24 hours of it’s release, as reported by Yahoo! Finance. That is the most money any “Grand Theft Auto” game has ever made at launch. Don’t […]

This week in gaming

Felonies with friends Rockstar Games has revealed information and gameplay from “Grand Theft Auto Online,” the open-world multiplayer portion of the upcoming “Grand Theft Auto V” that comes free with new copies of the game.“GTA Online” will not release on the same day as “GTAV,” however. It will become available on Oct. 1, a few […]

“Grand Theft Auto V” game update

The pictures are out, the trailer’s been playing on repeat on fans’ computers since the minute it was released and boy are people excited about it. “Grand Theft Auto V” is causing some buzz after the extremely impressive in-game trailer was released some months ago and after the absolutely stunning screenshots of leisure activities and […]