How do you sell a problem like Next Gen?

Games Industry International had a really poignant article written by Johnny Minkley that really began to dissect the next gen launches of previous systems and what might be necessary to sell the ever looming new systems on the horizon. The article mentioned, of course, how tired consumers are getting of the current gen systems and […]

Your gaming past is coming back for your money

SNK Playmore has recently revealed that there will be a large sale including NEOGEO titles (up to 50% off on certain games) on the PlayStation Network. So, if you’ve got a hankering to relive your past years of gaming on your current-generation handhelds, you’re in luck from August 28 to September 25. NEOGEO games were […]

“Assassin’s Creed: Liberation” sneaks onto the PS Vita

I am beyond excited about this because it has me all excited about my PS Vita for once. “Assassin’s Creed: Liberation” is the first game to come to a Sony handheld that is a story about a character that is not the focus of a major console game. Of course, the social games and phone […]

“Mortal Kombat” PS Vita review

It kind of threw me off that this one wasn’t numbered or didn’t have a tag-line at the bottom So this game has been out a while. I know, we’re late to this party. Honestly, though, I really think there’s something to this game and that people need to give it a shot. Unfortunately, my […]

Eyes on “The Last of Us”

Kind of reminds me of that Will Smith movie. The post-apocalyptic landscape of a destroyed city should be a familiar sight to gamers. But what flavor of desolate and deserted world is it? Cities? Sure. Zombies? Yup. Mutants? Absolutely. Crazed survivors? How could there not be? Now, I could be describing the Capitol Wasteland from […]

Rhythm and Motion

As the Nintendo Wii came out of the shadow of the Nintendo Revolution rumor, movement based gaming suddenly received a jolt of life on the home console. Games that were traditionally thought of as arcade titles and not feasible for the home environment were now entirely possible and encouraged. However, the gaming community began to […]

Entire “Uncharted” series edited into feature-length films

The Uncharted games have always been some of the most cinematic experiences in gaming, but Reddit user Morphinapg has taken that idea to a new level by editing together feature-length film versions of each game in the series using cutscenes and carefully chosen gameplay sections to tell the stories in a completely non-interactive way.“With these […]